Each crane is custom made to the customer requirments

Produced according to “made in Germany” standards

KW Kranwerke GmbH is a highly specialised company that concentrates on customised crane construction, upgrades and service. As one of the leading technological companies, we achieve the highest standards in modern drive, automation, and control technology. At the same time, we can look back with pride on 50 years of experience and innovation.

Our robust crane systems are impressive due to extremely high availability, performance, and user-friendliness. Even as early as the project planning phase, we distinguish ourselves due to our noticeable flexibility in coming up with customised special solutions. Customers value our technical know-how, our in-house designs and finished products as well as our qualified expert team that is available to provide excellent service and expertise.

In business and production processes, KW Kranwerke GmbH works in accordance to the national, European, and international standartd and certifications.

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