Process control - visualisation system and automation

The embodiment of progress constantly redefined according to customer requirements

The crane systems from KW Kranwerke can be operated in various operating modes. In addition to manual mode, we also offer partial and / or full automation for all crane models. Our full automation has been improved and enhanced over decades.

A visualisation system rounds out the fully automated system. It can be adapted to the bunker layout and the customer needs. The user interface keeps the crane operator constantly informed of the current position as well as all the important parameters of the crane system.

  • Software development
  • Effective bunker management
  • Loading, mixing, and storage
  • 3D bunker filling level display
  • Display of crane movement in the respective bunker layout
  • Idle time/management of the material in the bunker
  • Simple and rapid programming, including priorities
  • Maintenance interval display
  • Flexible connection to the control system (LWL) via the Ethernet and Profinet
  • Connection to external databases (e.g. SAP and Firebird)
  • User interface adaptable to the language of the country
  • Control of material flow from the LKW scale / rail wagon unloading to the hopper