Inspection and maintenance

Regelmäßige Inspektionen die sich auszahlen

Thanks to years of experience and robust designs, the crane systems manufactured by KW Kranwerke demonstrate high availability. Nevertheless, maintenance is still required. To keep crane system downtimes as low as possible, our philosophy is to have our specially trained technicians perform preventive inspections and maintenance work.

In addition, our experienced maintenance teams are also trained on external cranes.

  • Calculation of remaining service life
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Maintenance in cooperation with local specialised crane companies trained by KW Kranwerke
  • Reminder service for impending legal tests and inspection (DGUV)
  • Component lettering with QR Code for fast identification
  • Legal inspections according to DGUV
  • Preparation of maintenance and lubrication lists
  • Customer-specific recommendation for warehousing the spare and worn parts
  • Maintenance and repair of external cranes
  • Preventive maintenance via sensors