History – Made in Germany

Tradition and progress to achieve complete customer satisfaction

Crane systems have been built in Mannheim for over 200 years. Famous companies in this field include Mohr- und Federhaff and PS Förder- und Lagertechnik. In their heyday, companies like this were among the leading suppliers of grab cranes and gravel excavators. KW Kranwerke has been successfully continuing this tradition since 1998.

In the first years after the company was founded, it focused primarily on producing luffing and slewing cranes and ship unloaders. Around that time, Germany and Austria experienced a trend in upgrades and new construction in waste-to-energy plants (WtE). This was due to changes in legislation regarding waste disposal in mid-2000 which resulted in the construction of multiple new waste-to-energy plants throughout Europe.

KW Kranwerke took this oppurtunity to ensure that its product division for grab overhead crane quickly achieved a leading market position in German-speaking and Benelux countries as well as Scandinavia and Britain. Since then, KW Kranwerke has delivered products to well-known end customers and plant construction companies.

The techniques and knowledge of the crane constructors have been concentrated in our company over the last decade and are being continued and enhanced by young, motivated engineering professionals.

In August 2019 KW Kranwerke opened up its own subsidiary in Asia, KW Cranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in order to equip the emerging waste-to-energy plants there with fully automated crane systems stamped with “made in Germany”.